How to join:



  • Must be a member of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

  • Must be a graduate of a higher education institution or

  • Must have obtained alumnae status nationally


  • Pay yearly membership dues

    *Attend monthly meetings

    * Attend annual chapter retreat

    *(Meetings & retreats are optional but encouraged.)


  • Stay connected to sisters and Sorority news

  • Professional, mentorship, and philanthropy volunteer opportunities

  • Receive discounts on events

  • Receive a yearly membership gift (restrictions apply)

  • Paid anniversary meal (restrictions apply)


In-state Members: $60

Out-of-state Members: $30
Due payments are non-refundable.
Apply early to take full advantage of your annual dues.

Annual Dues Breakdown

* Includes Website Maintenance, Donations, National Dues, if applicable
Being a part of the Alumnae Chapter has helped me stay connected with my beloved sorority sisters... It is a true testament to our commitment to lifelong membership & ensuring a stable future for our sorority.
— Stephenie "Remedi" Lai

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